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The best mechanical pencil in the world!?

The best mechanical pencil in the world!?

Pentel Orenz


Pentel Orenz:


No breaking lead

Comfortable and continuous writing without advancing a lead.


Clear writing line

Use much blacker and smoother lead in the same diameter


How to use ORENZ mechanical pencil?

1. Before writing, click the end cap until the lead shows from the pipe.


2. Press the end cap down with your finger, and at the same time gently touch the lead to the surface of the paper until the protruding lead is no longer visible. Now you can start writing!


3. When writing, make sure that no lead protrudes out of the pipe. Advancing too much lead may cause the lead to break during writing.



The pipe protects the lead and prevents it from breaking.The edge of pipe is rounded to provide smooth writing without scratching the paper. As the lead gradually shortens, the pipe automatically slides back with the lead. No need to advance this lead AGAIN. 


When the Pipe Slides back Completely



Orenz and other mechanical pencils.

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